Message From Our President

"Congratulations on making the best and most challenging decision for your family- being a stay-at-home mother!  Taking on the role as CEO of your children and household comes with its own rewards and challenges.  Coming together with other moms in the same position as you can bring about both tears and laughter after realizing that at the end of the day, those children are our little bosses. 

Our careers as mothers  is one of the most important positions out there, but under recognized by society and sometimes our children and spouses.  As mothers, we have the opportunity to contribute to the world by guiding our children to the best of our abilities to become individuals that will in turn contribute to society in a positive manner. 

So, CHEERS to all the moms out there juggling hectic schedules, sleepless nights, and memory lapses!  You are in good company because the MOMS Club is here to support you and your family so you'll feel accomplished and confident with your endeavors.

The benefits of being a part of the MOMS Club® is not only the support you will receive from other moms, but both you and your children will have the opportunity to socialize with peers through scheduled activities.  Join us for a park playgroup, all member meeting, or a moms night out and meet other moms just like you!"


MOMS Club® of Talega President