Hang out with the girls and blow off some steam! Do something silly or wacky or just plain fun. Learn something new or show off your skills. Each month offers something different. Past Moms' Night Outs have included a cooking class, a night at the movies, and dinner at a local restaurant. The best part of all is that members have a built in way of taking a break without really needing to know the whole group.

When a member has a baby, one of the moms puts the call out for volunteers. Meals for the family are prepared and delivered. It's another fun and thoughtful way we show support for our friends in the chapter and it is always well received. We even take it one step further and extend our Mommy Meals program to members or children recovering from an illness or surgery.

Once a month we all get together to go over club business, vote on important issues and discuss our service projects. Sometimes we invite interesting speakers to come and talk to us. Children are always welcome at the All Member meetings. Anyone who is interested in joining our club is welcome to attend one of these meetings to see what we are all about. Contact our membership VP to find out when the next one will be!

All Member Outings


Moms Night Out

Mommy Meals

All Member Meeting

Playgroup is by far the most popular activity offered by MOMS Club®. They are organized by the year in which your child will enter Kindergarten. This way your child will be socializing with the friends he/she will eventually enter school with. We generally meet at a park, member's home, or an outing somewhere in town when weather permits. Siblings are always welcome and you are welcome to attend any of the playgroups for other age groups. Although the purpose of our playgroups is to get the kids together to play, most moms will tell you that they are as much for the moms too! Once you become a member you will be given the dates and locations of each playgroup.

Each month we set off on another Mommy and Me adventure! We have gone to the local Fire Station, Pretend City, Strawberry Picking, and taken behind the scenes tours of local restaurants. We like to keep travel to 30 minutes or less so our little ones don't get tired. Activities are planned by our members so everyone can make suggestions as to where the next adventure should be!